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Here's PROOF. 

56k Reach, 983 Likes, 697 Shares = $50

Challenge: Brooklyn and the Butcher needed a way to kickoff their brand new brunch service. Given that they were a fairly new restaurant at the time, we needed a solution that would build their Facebook following, engage new guests, and get tons of organic traffic.

Solution: We decided to give away a free brunch for one lucky couple. Fans were asked to "Like, Comment, And Share!" for a chance to win. At the end of two weeks, we picked a random winner!

Results: The proof was in the pudding! While we tried to respond to every comment, soon we were overwhelmed by the amount of engagement we received!

  • 56,591 hungry guests reached
  • 1,039 Photo Views

The management team told us that this campaign sent their brunch service into overdrive! And the best part?

Total Cost: $50

This campaign was purely organic! No boosting necessary.  The $50 was the winner's credit towards brunch. So it begs the question...

Would you spend $50 to get your product seen by over 56k potential clients?


15k Reach, 382 Likes, 52 Shares = $0 Cost

Challenge: We are constantly looking for new ways to reach people in interesting, organic ways. One solution we provide is high quality blog posts. In this post, we wanted to write about an employee to give the content that "human" element, while at the same time promoting the restaurant's new cocktail menu. This solution accomplishes a few things:

  • Builds website SEO
  • Gets people on your site, where they can be asked to join a mailing list or sold other goods. We had a popup advertising a dinner event!
  • The way the post hits social media, it actually looks like outside media is the one writing the article- sharp and professional.

Solution: I sat down at the bar during a slow shift and interviewed Kyle, then transposed that interview into a sweet blog post!

Results: When you feature real people in your social media posts, the results are always positive. People love sharing posts about people the know and love, and this case was no different!

  • 15, 712 thirsty guests reached
  • 1,200 Post Clicks
  • Impoved Website SEO
  • Added 15 new email list subscribers that week

Employees love seeing themselves featured on their business website. It does a lot to raise morale and encourages them to share the content with their friends and family.

Total Cost: ZERO!

This campaign was purely organic! No boosting necessary.  What story do you want to tell? I can help. So it begs the question...

Would you like to get your product seen by over 15k potential clients without paying Facebook a dime?

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